Undergraduate Scholarships 2010 in Medical Sciences at The Latin American School of Medical Sciences, Cuba

The Latin American School of Medical Sciences Scholarships are for undergraduate study in medicine offered by the Cuba government.

Applicants need to be high school graduates, 18 to 25 years old, from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The ability to speak Spanish is not required. Students who do not speak spanish spend upto four months immersed in the language after arriving in Havana.

The Latin American School of Medical Sciences (LASMS) educates a minimum of 500 doctors each year — for free.

The program of The Latin American School of Medical Sciences is based on intensive advising and tutoring designed to help every student succeed.

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Students must pass competency exams at appropriate points in their course of study.

The six-year medical school program, begins every September and is divided into 12 semesters.

Students study at the LASMS campus for the first two years, and then go to another of Cuba’s 21 medical schools, which are located throughout the island, to complete their studies.

The Cuban medical training model combines theory and practice and is oriented toward primary care, community medicine and hands-on internships.

In order to register and get a scholarship in the Latin American School of Medical Sciences (Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina – ELAM) interested candidates must go to the Cuban diplomatic missions in their respective countries and ask for the information.

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