The Master of Lifelong Learning Scholarships for Non-EU Third World Countries Students

Lifelong Learning has become a fundamental goal of recent education policies, often advocated as a way to achieve socioeconomic development and as a tool for promoting the ‘knowledge-based’ society.

The rationale of the Masters of Lifelong Learning is to increase the awareness of European Lifelong Learning policies in a regional European context as well as on a global scale. It aims to provide policy-makers and professionals with responsibility for managing, delivering or supporting Lifelong Learning with opportunities to develop their own analysis and practice in what is a constantly changing economic, social, technological and policy environment.

The growing significance of Lifelong Learning both in national and international policy results in the need to bring its implications under close and critical scrutiny. The Master of Lifelong Learning is to be considered a response to a strong need for conducting educational reform activities all over the world.

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Learning outcomes:

The Master of Lifelong Learning seeks to form professionals able toDesign and develop educational policies concerned with Lifelong Learning Promote innovation processes within Lifelong Learning systems suited to the social and organisational contexts in which they are to be undertaken, so as to facilitate change and social transformation.

Develop competences required in order to mediate between the educational community and the needs of the local environment Advise organisations on the planning, implementing, evaluating, supervising and control of training mechanisms in Lifelong Learning Apply techniques for recognizing diverse learning needs and for identifying the appropriate and sustained educational actions which will meet these needs.

Take part in the new developments and reforms taking place in Europe in accordance with the Bologna and Copenhagen process.Design and develop flexible learning paths, using ECTS and including recognition of prior learning. Integrate ICT and e-learning as a tool in educational programmes Develop systemic competences related to management, quality, creativity and leadership.

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Entry requirements:

The entry requirements for students enrolling on the Master of Lifelong Learning are:

  • A good first degree (humanities or social sciences) from a recognised institution of higher education.
  • A satisfactory level of spoken and written English: IELTS 7.0 and TOEFL 650 (written paper test).
  • Application procedure and selection process

For a successful application the following documents must be included:

  • student application form (incl. photo)
  • certified copy of 1st degree
  • IELTS/TOEFL certificate
  • CV
  • letter of recommendation (reference)
  • qualification essay

Enrolment of students with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship:

All scholarship holders will be informed directly about their enrolment at the Institute of Education/the Danish University of Education.

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The European Commission offers scholarships for 3rd country (non-EU) students and scholars. The deadline for scholarship applications is 1 December 2010.

For non-EU students:

For each student the scholarship amounts to 21,000 Euro per academic year. This includes 10 monthly grants of 1,600 Euro and a fixed amount of 5,000 Euro for fees, travel expenses, relocation costs, etc. For courses lasting two years, the student receives double this amount, i.e. 42,000 Euro.

For non-EU scholars:

The amount of an average scholarship for scholars is 13,000 Euro. This includes three monthly grants of 4,000 Euro and a fixed amount of 1,000 Euro for travel and expenses. For application forms, please contact the Consortium Office at

Further scholarship details: