Ruhr University Research School PhD Grants, Germany

12 PhD Grants
RUB-Grants 2010 awarded within the framework of the Grant-Programme of the Ruhr University
Research School

Scope of the programme
Promotion of early stage researchers by awarding grants to highly qualified doctoral candidates realising an ambitious and innovative research project in one of the research areas of Ruhr-University Bochum. We also encourage all doctoral candidates to apply for a grant with an interdisciplinary research project. The call is open for candidates from every scientific discipline and nationality intending to realise their research project at the Ruhr-University Bochum (you have to submit your doctoral thesis
at Ruhr-Universität Bochum).

The application must be completed by the confirmation of a first supervisor at RUB – please build up contacts to one of the scientists at RUB and ask for supervision. You know best about your scientific main focus and in which special research field you want to obtain your doctorate. So please act independently: identify and contact a potential supervisor for your research project at an early stage of your application on your own.

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Target Group
Graduates of all disciplines with a university degree qualifying for doctoral studies.


  • we expect your research project to make an important contribution to the corresponding research field (please outline this in a research exposé of 5 pages)
  • clearly above average university degree
  • uninterrupted studies (in case your total study period took more than 13 semester/ 6,5 years please explain in the application form)
  • the start of your doctoral research project should not extend a period of time of 12 months with reference to the application deadline; we concede reasonable exceptions – please explain in the application form
  • the university degree qualifying for doctoral studies has to be submitted at the latest until before the applications will be given to the faculties for further survey and expertise (Bachelor degree in case of fast track procedure plus information about grades already obtained in the master studies)
  • candidates who have to fulfil additional requirements are also allowed to apply for a grant (first supervisor is responsible for compatibility between fulfilment of requirements and successful doctorate)
  • candidates with a Bachelor degree involved in the fast track procedure are also allowed to apply for a grant; the official admission to doctoral studies from the faculty has to be submitted before the funding will start
  • if you are already accepted as doctoral candidate by one of the faculties of Ruhr-University Bochum please enclose the official letter of acceptance from the faculty to your application
  • if you are not accepted as doctoral candidate in one of the faculties of Ruhr-University Bochum we need a confirmation of the faculty that you will be accepted for doctoral studies in case of funding (from the faculty you will realise your research project) when you are invited to the second stage of the admission process
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The application form “Grant-Programme” of the Research School has to be used for application. The application form and the corresponding notes for guidance will help you through the application process. The notes for guidance also list all documents you have to submit together with the application form.

Admission process and decision (2 stage process)

  • a signed hardcopy of the application form with 2 letters of reference and all necessary documents have to be sent to the Central Coordination Office until October 31, 2010
  • on the basis of the application the faculties and rapporteurs will suggest a preliminary ranking of the candidates
  • on the basis of this preliminary ranking the Executive Board will invite the best candidates (January 2011) for a research colloquium
  • research colloquium and the ensuing choice and recommendation by the rapporteurs will take place on February 7, 2011
  • the final decision of the Executive Board will be made on February 9, 2011
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Deadline for admission: October 31, 2010

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