Program Pendidikan Profesi Akuntansi (PPAK) Universitas Trisakti


PPAk program had two mission :


To Provide Students with sufficient technical and professional knowledge to form the capability that can support a successful accounting career.

this objective focuses on increasing accounting knowledge as a coheren whole. In the area of professional knowledge, our objective is to present students with a more complete view of the professional requirements they will face. this includes a greater familiarity with the professional literature and how to use this literature as quidance in resolving professional dilemmas. This area encompasses issues such as ethics and the challenge of integrating professional and personal integrity.


To provide accounting students with the skills necessary to implement their knowlwdge in the professional accounting environment.

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This objective implicitly, to develop the students’ skill. these skills include the ability to:


Communicate effectively. The students will force to enhance thei communication skills in written and oral.


Analyze and resolve problems. The program will give space for students increasing thei capability to deal with more complex, ambiguous fact situations.


The learning goals of the Professional Program in Accountancy are to graduateswith :
the ability to recognize dysfunctional accounting situations.


the capacity to engage in accounting research and communicate findings in a clear and concise manner,


the skills required to work as a member of a professional team by coordinating actions and efforts to solve accounting problems,

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an overall understanding of accounting and financial concepts, and


the capacity to recognize and respond appropriately to ethical and regulatory dilemmas.

Methods of learning


As our objective that each students will get knowledge both in practice and theoretical, so the lecturers come from both academician and practitioner.
This program must be follow in two semesters for 8 months.

To complete our program the students must follow nine courses with minimum GPA 2.75 and there is no D score for every courses.