Postgraduate Scholarship in Biochemistry at Lunds University, Sweden

Post graduate Scholarship in Biochemistry for MSc Students in biochemistry or biomedicine or corresponding education

Job description: Studies on molecular level of structure, function and protein-protein interactions concerning a particular group of molecular chaperons, so called small heat shock proteins. They interact with not clarified mechanisms with other proteins in the cell and prevent aggregation. Preliminary results indicate that the interaction occurs with the terminal endings of the proteins, what we call “the terminome”. The results are significant for the understanding of and the possibility to prevent diseases that are due to protein aggregation, and for plants to resist water shortage, drought and increased temperatures.

Baca Juga:   Master Scholarships in Ethical Leadership, King’s College London, UK

Eligibility/Entry Requirements:
Basic entry requirements for PhD studies are: a degree at advanced level, courses to an extent of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 at advanced level, or corresponding proficiencies aquired in Sweden or elsewhere. Special requirements for this position: MSc in biochemistry or biomedicine or corresponding education. Good communication skills are required and also independence in reading scientific literature and writing reports. Education in bioinformatics and practical experience of protein chemical methodology is meritorious.

Basis of Assessment:
Regulations for employment as a postgraduate student can be found in the Swedish Statute Book (SFS 1998:80). Only those admitted to postgraduate studies can be appointed to such a position. When appointing applicants to such a position, first and foremost their ability to benefit from postgraduate studies must be taken into consideration. In addition to pursuing postgraduate studies, the doctoral student may also perform other duties, including research, teaching and administration, according to the specific regulations.

Baca Juga:   [beasiswa] [INFO] Ph.D - Land Use, Land Cover Change and Land Tenure in Java, Uni.Bremen.

Application deadline: 2010-10-19

Further scholarship details and application: