Kesempatan Magang di FAO UN (Food & Agriculture Organization of United Nations) Italy

Ayo Siapa yang Mau Magang di sini FAO UN (Food & Agriculture Organization of United Nations) ?

Bidang magangnya diantaranya

1. Agriculture and Consumer Protection :
a. Animal production and health
b. FAO/IAEA Joint division for nuclear techniques
c. Food safety and quality
d. Plant production and protection
e. Rural infrastructure and agro-industries

2. Economic and Social Development :
a. Agricultural Development Economics
b. Gender, Equity and Rural Employment
c. Nutrition
d. Statistics
e. Trade and markets

3. Fisheries and Aquaculture :
a. Fisheries statistics & information
b. Ecosystems
c. Fishery resources
d. Fisheries technology
e. Utilization and trade
f. Fisheries governance

4. Forestry

5. Natural Resources Management and Environment :
a. Climate Change
b. Energy
c. Genetic Resources & Biodiversity
d. Geo-Information
e. Global Agro-Ecological Zones
f. Land Resources
g. Land Tenure
h. Research & Extension
i. Sustainability Pathways
j. Water Resources

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6. Technical Cooperation :
a. Emergency and rehabilitation
b. Investment in agriculture
c. Resource mobilization

Durasi Magangnya Minimal 3 Bulan Maksimal 6 Bulan dan dapat gaji tiap bulan dapat USD 700 dan Magangnya itu di ITALY


1.No more than 30 years of age
2.Be recent graduates or students in a recognised university or graduate school programme and have completed at the very least two years of undergraduate studies in a field relevant to the work of FAO, or be participants in a governmental or academic programme sponsoring assignments of recent graduates or students
3.A working knowledge of English, French or Spanish is required. Knowledge of one of the other two, or Arabic, Chinese or Russian, is an asset
4.Must not bear any of the following relationships to staff members of the Organization: son, daughter, brother, or sister

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How to Apply

Interested candidates can apply online through iRecruitment in three easy steps :

1. Create the Personal Profile Form (PPF) online in iRecruitment
2. Attach a letter of motivation
3. Apply to the vacancy: “IRC2330: Call for Interest: Internship Programme”

Eligible applications will be retained for a maximum period of six months. Only successful candidates will be contacted by FAO.

For iRecruitment user guidelines, please refer to the application toolkit (

NOTE: The selection process is open throughout the year. For more info please contact (This email address does not accept applications)

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