[Germany] 15 PhD Fellowships at Berlin Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies

15 PhD Fellowships at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies
Location: Arizona, Germany
Fellowship Deadline: 2009-11-30 (in 21 days)
Announcement ID: 171679

Welcome to the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments and by Freie Universit Berlin.

The Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies investigates the plurality, changeability, and global connectedness of Muslim cultures and societies. The area of study includes Muslim societies in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as Muslim communities in Europe and North America. TheGraduate School examines, in a systematic and comparative way, concepts, practices, and institutions variously understood as Islamic. Special attention is given to relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, as well as forms of inter- and intra-cultural communication.

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In close cooperation with its partner institutions in Germany and abroad, the Graduate School offers doctoral candidates a broad educational programme of exceptional quality coupled with intensive mentoring for individual dissertation projects, training that will qualify graduates to hold leading positions in academia, the media, and politics.


The Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies will admit 15 PhD students to its doctoral program to begin October 1, 2010. Ten of these candidates will receive aGraduate School grant; the other candidates will be supported in their quest for funding.

The Graduate School invites applications from candidates whose dissertation project fits one of the Graduate Schools Research Areas. Successful applicants will have a masters degree in one of the disciplines represented at theGraduate School, with a ranking, where applicable, of above average. The language of communication is English.

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Admission is for one year, and, contingent upon a positive evaluation after the first year of study, will be extended for another twelve months. Admission and grant can be extended for a total of three years.

Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies
Altensteinstr. 48
14195 Berlin
Phone: ++49 (0)30 838 53417
Fax: ++49 (0)30 838 53244

Email: office@bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de
Visit the website at http://www.bgsmcs.fu-berlin.de/en/aktuelles/Call_for_ Application.html