European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP), Erasmus Mundus, Europe

The European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology programme (EMSEP) is organised by four leading European universities in the field of sport and exercise psychology (SEP): the University of Jyväskylä (JyU, co-ordinator), Finland; the University of Leipzig (UL), Germany; the University of Thessaly (UTH), Greece, and Lund University (LU), Sweden. The EMSEP programme offers education opportunities for students of all nationalities.

What is Sport and Exercise Psychology?
Sport and Exercise Psychology is the scientific study of people and their behaviour in sport and exercise contexts, and the practical application of that knowledge. The field, as well as the EMSEP programme, builds on the scientific bases of sport and exercise sciences, public health, and psychology. As the title implies, EMSEP has two main focuses: (1) promotion of healthy habits and overall lifestyle via regular engagement in various forms of physical activity; and (2) psychological support for athletes. The areas covered by EMSEP include, but are not limited to, motivation, performance, behaviour regulation, cognition, (post)career planning for athletes, identity, counselling and preventive interventions within sport and exercise contexts.

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Career opportunities
The EMSEP programme prepares students for a research and/or professional career in Sport and Exercise Psychology through a combination of coursework, independent study, internship, and an extensive hands-on research experience. After successful completion of the programme, graduates will be awarded a double degree. EMSEP graduates can expect to find employment in the private and public sectors of exercise, well-being and sport; for example, as health and fitness leaders, instructors, performance enhancement specialists, psychological health consultants, or academic researchers in the field.

European Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Full-time duration: 2 years
Language of instruction: English
Annual student intake: 24 (divided between three host universities)
Mobility period: obligatory
Scholarships: available

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Programme outline
The research-oriented, two-year master`s programme consists of 120 ECTS credits and is conducted fully in English. The network universities offer a joint curriculum for the students, as they will study in at least two universities during the programme. Upon completion of their studies, the programme graduates are awarded a double degree.

The European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology programme provides you with:

* Research-based, interdisciplinary and high quality teaching from leading experts in Europe
* An individualised study plan
* Hands-on experience in the field during the internship period
* Experience of a truly international study environment, including a study abroad period at another partner university and networking with fellow students and experts
* Officially recognised double degree from two network universities
* A possibile scholarship for the studies

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The application deadlines for entry in autumn 2011:

* December 13, 2010 (non-EU/EEA nationals)
* February 28, 2011 (EU/EEA nationals and non-EU nationals, who have spent more than a total of 12 months during the past 5 years in EU/EEA countries)