[Denmark] Three postdoctoral positions in MS-based proteomics at University of Copenhagen

Three postdoctoral positions in MS-based proteomics at University of Copenhagen

Title: Postdoc, Department of Proteomics (three positions)
Tenure: Two years, with a potential extension of additional one year

Employment conditions:
The Department of Proteomics at the NNF Center for Protein Research is offering three postdoctoral positions in the group “Proteomics Technology Development & Application”. Employment will be in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement between the Danish Government and AC (the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations). The position will be at the level of postdoc, and will be placed in salary group 6 or 8 according to previous work experience. In all cases, the ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration, and thus we encourage all – regardless of their personal background and status – to apply. The tentative start date is 1 September 2010 or soon thereafter, and the duration of the position is two years.

The research at the Department of Proteomics is headed by Professor Matthias Mann and consists of three independent groups lead by Dr. Chunaram Choudhary, Dr. Michael L. Nielsen, and Dr. Jesper V. Olsen respectively. By joining the department you will be part of a young and dynamic team consisting of international researchers. We use cutting-edge MS technologies for unbiased identification and quantification of posttranslational modifications as well as for global proteome quantitation. The department aims at continuously improving the proteomic platform, hereby allowing for rapid and comprehensive analysis of mammalian proteomes. Using these approaches we will study cellular outcomes at “systems-level” in response to different perturbations (such as growth factor stimulation, gene knockdown etc.). Furthermore, we will use protein and peptide pull-down approaches to identify specific interaction partners. In addition to a state-of-the-art mass spectrometry facility, the department is also well equipped for performing follow-up studies using molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry techniques.

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Job description
The ideal candidates should be able to conduct independent and creative research, demonstrate scientific productivity, and show good interpersonal and communication skills. The postdoctoral fellows will work in the Department of Proteomics together with Associate Professor Michael L. Nielsen. The group aims at developing novel proteomic approaches for quantitative proteome analysis, global and unbiased identification of posttranslational modifications (PTMs), and protein interaction mapping (to proteins, PTMs, RNA or DNA). Additionally the candidates will participate in developing new MS-based technologies and apply them in relevant biological areas.

The three postdoctoral candidates will use cutting-edge proteomics tools.

Postdoctoral position 1: Proteomics of rodent model systems.

  • Uncover DNA protein interactors of identified single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in rodent model systems.
  • Develop novel in vitro SILAC strategies for differential protein expression in vivo.
  • Perform proteome-wide quantification of various rodent tissues.
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Postdoctoral position 2: Stem cell proteomics.

  • Perform proteome-wide quantification of various differentiated stem cell lines.
  • Proteome-wide identification of various stem cell PTMs.
  • Identification of protein-protein and protein-PTM interactions involved in stem cell differentiation using affinity purification mass spectrometry (APMS).

Postdoctoral position 3: PTM proteomics.

  • Develop analytical strategies for improvement of proteomics platform.
  • Develop novel proteomics strategies for global analysis of lysine ubiquitylation.
  • Unbiased identification of novel types of PTMs.

The candidates are expected to perform biological follow-up experiments on novel and interesting findings derived from the acquired proteomics screens.

You can read more about planned projects on the Department of ProteomicsĀ“ webpage,http://www.cpr.ku.dk/groups/proteomics/

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  • The candidate is required to have a PhD or equivalent degree in natural or medical science.
  • Excellent scientific track record.
  • Prior experience in biochemistry, cell culture, protein chemistry techniques, rodent tissue, and stem cells is desirable.
  • Prior experience in high resolution mass spectrometry (LTQ Orbitrap XL or Velos) is highly desired.
  • Knowledge in genetics and biology, cell signaling, chromatin biology or analytical chemistry would be considered a distinct advantage.
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written.
  • An analytical aptitude of devising innovative scientific or technical solutions.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm, motivation, flexibility and confidence.

For further information, please contact group leader Dr. Michael L. Nielsen (michael.lund.nielsen@cpr.ku.dk).

Your application marked “211-0068/10-3850 – Postdoctoral positions, Dr. Michael L. Nielsen, Department of Proteomics, CPR” including a CV as well as names and contact details of two referees must be sent to the NNF Center for Protein Research before 16 August 2010. Kindly indicate which position(s) you are applying for and send your application by e-mail to jobs@cpr.ku.dk.