[beasiswa] [info] Vacant positions for PhD researchers in statistics

Vacant positions for PhD researchers in statistics
At the Statistics Section of the Department of Mathematics of the Katholieke
Universiteit Leuven there are vacancies for two Ph.D. positions. The candidates
work towards a PhD degree in Sciences, orientation Statistics. Suitable candidates
have a very strong interest in statistics (in all its aspects: theory, applications, im-
plementation). The applicants are offered a stimulating working environment and
will be part of a very dynamic group of researchers conducting research on a high
international level.
There are two positions available:
PhD researcher in non-parametric and semi-parametrics statistics.
Among recent research topics covered by the team are, for example: flexible
modeling of functions via local polynomial fitting, splines or other regular-
ization techniques, modeling dependencies via copulas and the development
of methods for statistical inference, testing procedures and the selection of
smoothing parameters, variable selection in additive models and varying coef-
ficient models. For more information, contact Prof. I. Gijbels
(irene.gijbels@wis.kuleuven.be; Tel: +32-(0)16-322018).
PhD researcher in robust and computational statistics.
Examples of research on this topic can be found at http://wis.kuleuven.be/stat/robust
For more information, contact Prof. P. Rousseeuw (peter.rousseeuw@wis.kuleuven.be)
or Prof. M. Hubert (mia.hubert@wis.kuleuven.be; Tel: +32-(0)16-322023).
These research positions also require teaching duties (up to 4 hours weekly).
The candidates are expected to learn Dutch within two years. The position starts
September 1, 2010 (or later). The contract is for two years with a possible extension
for another two years (after positive evaluation).
The deadline for application is May 29, 2010 (or later, until the positions are
Online application via: http://phd.kuleuven.be/set (and further clicking on Depart-
ment of Mathematics, and Section of Statistics).

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