[beasiswa] [INFO] Postdoctoral Research Position on Genetics, Belgium

Postdoctoral Research Position


Developmental Genetics Laboratory

Institute of Molecular Biology and Medecine

Free University of Brussels, Belgium.


Position and Profile: A postdoctoral position is available for a highly motivated scientist with a strong background in molecular biology and mouse genetics. The position is financially supported by for a period of one year, starting the 1st September 2010, with a possible extension of one year.


Research project: Our unit is studying early vertebrate development, focusing on the molecular mechanisms that control neural development, from germ layer formation and neural induction to those that regulate neural stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Gene function is approached using microinjection into amphibian embryos and genetic knockouts in the mouse. For more information on our recent work, see Souopgui et al., Genes and Dev. (2008) 22, 2347-2352; Nichane et al., (2010) EMBO. J. 29, 55-67.           

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            The project focuses on the function of DMRT genes encoding zinc finger transcription factors in the development of the cerebral cortex. The project involves the phenotypic analysis of the cortex of DMRT mutant animals, gene overexpression and  knockdown in utero, the identification of  their targets  and the analysis of their transcriptional regulation in transgenic frog embryos.


Location: Our lab is situated about 25 miles south of Brussels, in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Medecine (IBMM), a leading multidiciplinarity Institute from the faculty of Science and Medecine of the ULB (http://www.ulb.ac.be/ibmm/index.html).

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Application: To apply, please submit your CV, names and addresses of two references, preferentially electronically to:


Dr. Eric Bellefroid

Université Libre de Bruxelles

Laboratoire de Génétique du Développment

Institut de Biologie et de Médecine Moléculaire (IBMM)

Rue des Profs. Jeeener et Brachet, 12

6041 Gosselies


E-mail: ebellefr@ulb.ac.be

Tel.: 32 (0)2 650 97 32

Fax: 32  (0)2 650 97 33



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