[beasiswa] [info] Ph. D. Opportunity in Clinical Biostatistics – University of Queensland

The Queensland Clinical Trials & Biostatistics Centre (QCTBC) (http://www.sph.uq.edu.au/qctbc) at the School of Population Health, University of Queensland, Australia, is offering an international collaboration-based Ph. D. Program in Clinical Biostatistics.

Project Title: Investigation of the Dynamic Relationship among Risk Factors in Type 2 Diabetes Patients treated with Insulin and / or Exenatide.

Duration of Study:  3 years

Project Description:

QCTBC is conducting a high profile program of study exploring the inter-relationships among various clinical and biochemical risk factors in type 2 diabetic patients. While a range of treatment regimens is currently available in type 2 diabetes, more research is needed in order to achieve better glycaemic control and improved clinical outcomes. The relationships among disease risk factors, their individual and interactive effects on outcomes, and the extent to which risk factors modify treatment efficacy has not yet been fully elucidated.

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The aim of this innovative Ph. D. project is to further develop novel statistical methodologies in order to understand the pathophysiology of risk factors  in type 2 diabetes patients. This study is scientifically supported by various academic institutes and pharmaceutical companies, and offers the opportunity of making a major contribution in the field of diabetes and cardiovascular research.

Selection Criteria:

•       M. Sc. in Mathematical Statistics or Biostatistics with strong methodological background and programming ability, with some research experience;
•       Strong motivation to conduct independent research in the field of clinical biostatistics;
•       Excellent programming knowledge with software like R & SAS;
•       Ability to work independently and take responsibility of a programme of work.

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•       Interest in clinical research, especially in diabetes and metabolic diseases;
•       Excellent written communication skills.

Contact:  Interested applicants may contact Associate Professor Sanjoy Paul, the Director of QCTBC & the Principal Investigator in this project – Email: s.paul@sph.uq.edu.au. Further information on research higher degree opportunities can be obtained from Mary Roset (Email: m.roset@sph.uq.edu.au).

Please visit http://www.sph.uq.edu.au/rhd-sph for further details on the research higher degree scholarship opportunities within University of Queensland.