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Dear All, 

This can be of your interest or of others’. Please kindly circulate as necessary. Thank you. 

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Subject: Fw: 2012 Global Women in Management – Jakarta, September 24 – October 19, 2012
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Dear Friends,
There is this opportunity for Indonesian women to participate in 2012 Global Women in Management in Jakarta that will be held on September 24 – October 19, 2012.
Pada tanggal 24 September – 19 Oktober 2012, 2012 Global Women in Management akan diselenggarakan di Jakarta.
Please kindly find the attached files: announcement and application form.
Terlampir adalah informasi mengenai lokakarya dan formulir aplikasi.
If you think of those who might be interested in the workshop, please feel free to circulate this information to them.
Mohon menyebarkan informasi ini kepada pihak-pihak yang sekiranya dapat mendapatkan manfaat dari lokakarya tersebut.
Also, please address your inquiries to:
Jika ada pertanyaan, silakan kirimkan pertanyaan Anda ke:
by 24 June 2012
Below is a brief on the workshop:
Berikut adalah informasi singkat mengenai lokakarya tersebut:
Thank you.
Best regards,
A. Renar Berandi
2012 Global Women in Management (GWIM) Workshop
The Global Women in Management (GWIM) is a workshop supported by Exxon Mobil Corporation in partnership with the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA).  The Global Women in Management Program (GWIM) strengthens women�s management, leadership and technical skills to enhance and bring to scale programs that advance women�s economic opportunities and build the next generation of women business leaders and entrepreneurs.  GWIM leverages CEDPA�s 36-year history of women�s leadership programs and responds to the call for interventions that advance women in the economy and give women greater control over economic resources to impact the health and development of their families, communities and nations.
�         Minimum 8 years experience in development programming.
�         Currently employed or volunteering with a local civil society organization implementing women�s economic empowerment programs.
�         Minimum 2 years experience working in women�s economic advancement programs.   (e.g., entrepreneurship, cooperatives, micro-credit, business women�s networks, etc.)
�         Priority will be given to applicants engaged in activities that use tools and technologies to enhance or expand women�s economic opportunities.
�         Fully committed and available to participate in entire 4-week workshop.
�         Proficient in English (able to participate actively in discussions and presentations.)
�         Eligible Countries: China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Libya, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea,  Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
�         Only for women

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